Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Story Time!

“Ok boys and girls, I am going to read you a story! But, first I need to tell you something important about me.” I begin. “Some of you have noticed that my eyes look a little different, right?”
Heads nod.
I continue.

“Well, that is because I have trouble seeing.. I can see pretty well.  I can see all of you, and I can see the back wall…” I continue to explain to them a little how much I can see. “This means that when I read you a story, you may not be able to see the pictures right away, but I promise, you WILL see the pictures.”
The kids continue to look at me with curious faces…
“Does anyone have any questions?”

Hands fly up. One boys hand flew up faster than all the rest so I call on him.
“Umm. What are we supposed to ask questions about?”
I try to stifle a laugh. “What I just talked to you about. How much I can see… stuff like that.”
I call on someone else.
“Where do you live?”
Guess I will just go with it.
I laugh a little. “I grew up in Massachusetts then moved to Tennessee when I started college. Does anyone know where Massachusetts is?”
One little girl raises her hand.
”Do you know where Massachusetts is?”
“No, but one time I moved from Florida to here and now I live here.” She quickly blurts out.
“Oh, ok, well that is cool. Alright, now I am going to read the story, so no more question for now, but you can ask me later.  Put your hands down. Guys, no more questions for now… put your hands down, yes all the way down.”

“Wait!” one girl says urgently.
“Do you have a husband?”
I laugh. “Nope, no husband, no boyfriend, no kids. Now? Story time!”
I read them the story The Berenstain Bears Go to School.
When I have finished, the teacher suggests I ask them questions.
“So what was your favorite part” (knowing immediately I would regret asking this.)
I call on one little boy.
“Well, there was a bear in the book named Gus, and I used to have a dog named Gus.”
“I have a toy! His name is Gus! Except now he is broken. But his name was Gus!” A little girl interjects.
“Let’s try to be nice to our friends and not interrupt them.” I remind the students.
I call on one generally quiet little boy.
“There was this room at my mimi’s house, it was blue, they painted it blue.  There were blocks, and other things I liked to play with.  It was beautiful! I played there with my blanky. It was fun…
His story continues for another minute or two.  Meanwhile I have three girls that will just not stop talking.
“I’m sorry sweetie, we have some friends that are not being good listeners”
The girls continue talking.
“Excuse me girls. Can we be good listeners for our friend?”
They turn and face me.
I go to call on someone else.
Apparently this little boy was not done his story, and he just kept going.
As soon as he starts talking, the girls start talking again as well.
“Ok guys, we need to be good listeners and be polite to our friends. I think we are just having too hard of a time with this and need to stop stories.”
“Aww.” says one little girl.
“Did you have a favorite part of the book you wanted to share?”
“Yes, Ilikethepartwherethebrotherandsisterbringeachothertothebus!” She says as one sentence.
“Yes, I like that part too.”
Sigh, at least it went mostly well. I need to work on behavior management, and preventing five minute stories.


  1. I was wondering how the Eye convo would go. Sounds like it was only a tiny blip in the kids radar!

  2. Cute. I love kids and their randomness.

  3. Heather - yes, most kids don't seem to care, but they are curious. I figure it is better to tell than keep them wondering. They just need to know the important stuff, like if I am married or have kids. Haha!

    Amanda- Yeah, they are super random. I love how sidetracked we can get.


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